Battle Royale: the latest trend in gaming

When the world of gaming is taken into consideration, there is no denying that it has evolved so much throughout the years. What started out as a simple way to keep our minds off the hectic trouble off our lives has become an art form and a billion-dollar industry? Therefore, it should be evident to one that the world of gaming is entering a golden age in the modern day.


Trends in gaming


There are various trends that has come to place in the gaming industry. As an example, arcade games happened to be extremely popular several decades ago. It was then replaced by the FPS shooters in the early 2000’s. Then multiplayer option came into play, and everyone was obsessed with a multiplayer game of their own, whether it is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, or a simple Team Death-match shooter game. With the emergence of smartphones, mobile games with the infinite runner mechanics became quite popular as well. But all these trends are in the past right now. The latest trend in gaming is Battle Royale.


What is Battle Royale?


Named after the infamous Japanese movie, Battle Royale is not a single game, but rather a gaming mode. In a typical multiplayer game, the teams fight each other with re-spawning abilities till the time runs out to see who has the most wins. However, this is not the case in a Battle Royale game. Here, a large number of people, typically around 100 are dropped to a large map. Since the players are parachuted to the map, they have the ability to glide to where they want and make a landing. You start without any weapons, and you simply have to search your surrounding for weapons and survival gear. Then as the game progresses, you have to ensure your survival, either by taking down other players, or through hiding. The last player to survive wins the game.

What makes it interesting?


While the concept of Battle Royale had been explored in other media such as books and films, it had never found its place in gaming before. Now that it has, people are starting to see that gaming is the ideal platform to enjoy the genre.  In addition to that, large maps, and the thrill of survival and the anticipation that anything might happen, makes this genre of games very satisfying. There are various types of Battle Royale games coming from various developers in the industry now. If you have not started playing such games yet, you should certainly try one out!


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